Master of SQLi Injection with Live Demo & CTF, February 2016, Blackhat Spy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

College/University/Organization Name: Blackhat Spy
Organizing Department: Information Security
Event Date: 2016-02-20 -- 2016-02-20    (YYYY/MM/DD)
Last Date: 2016-02-19    (YYYY/MM/DD)
Address: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Fees :  INR 1999

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About Workshop

This is Advanced workshop that provides all the necessary advanced skills to carry out a through and Professional SQLi Injection Testing against Modern Web Applications. However, Blackhat Spy take a step further to explain in the real life scope SQLi Injection and Attacks of this Workshop.

In this workshop, we will take through an array of Manual SQLi Injection, WAF Bypass Techniques with Live Demo. This workshop focus of Manual SQLi Injection, with Live Demo application applicable to real life internet security based scenarios.

No need to understanding of special tool. Besides, whatever you will learn throughout Manual SQLi Injection WAF Bypass Techniques and Tricks, it is far better than automated tools.

Workshop Agenda

Manual SQLi Injection
Advanced WAF Bypass Technique - I
Advanced WAF Bypass Technique - II
Mitigation of SQLi Injection
Capture the Flag (CTF)

CTF with Prizes

1st Prize - INR 8,000/-

2nd Prize - INR 4,000/-

3rd Prize - INR 2,000/-

Who can attend this workshop

The growing cyber security skills gap makes recruiting and retaining personnel with prerequisite expertise is needed to safeguard the critical systems and sensitive information which it is progressively difficult for both the public and private sectors. This is your opportunity to pay attention for the information security alert and to join effectively if you are:

1. Academia - Students Aged 18+, Professors

2. Developers - Programmers, Web Developers, DB Developers and IT Employees, etc

3. career Seekers and Recruiters - Seasoned Veterans, Students, Expanding Companies

3. Security Practitioners - IT Specialists, Penetration Testers, Security Software Developers, Programmers, DB Developers, Security Analysts, Risk Managers, Security Architects/ Engineers.

And who have interested in Hacking and Cyber Security.

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Master of SQLi Injection with Live Demo & CTF-2016-Blackhat Spy-Chennai-Tamil Nadu-India

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