Mechnofest and Mctrobiz, March 2017, MAHARAJA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Tiruppur, Tamilnadu, India

College/University/Organization Name: MAHARAJA ENGINEERING COLLEGE
Organizing Department: Mechanical and Mechatronics
Event Date: 03/16/2017 -- 03/16/2017    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Last Date: 03/11/2017    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Address: Tiruppur, Tamilnadu, India

Registration Fee:

Just 100 only

College/University/Organization Website:

Email Address:

About Event:

Paper presentation
Cad modeling
CNC programming
Technical quiz
Treasure hunt

Who Can Participate?

Students from all departments can participate

Accommodation Details:

Lunch is available

Other Details:

Contact Details:
Mohamed hasim
Student coordinator

For any clarification about this event, please contact the above mentioned address.

mechnofest and mctrobiz-2017-MAHARAJA ENGINEERING COLLEGE-tiruppur-Tamilnadu-India

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