DeepLearn National Workshop on Deep Learning, July 2017, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College(Autonomous), Sivakasi, Tamilnadu, India

College/University/Organization Name: Mepco Schlenk Engineering College(Autonomous), Sivakasi
Organizing Department: Information Technology
Event Date: 07/29/2017 -- 07/29/2017    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Last Date: 07/24/2017    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Address: Sivakasi, Tamilnadu, India
Registration Fee:

Faculty/Industry Person : Rs.500
Research Scholar          : Rs.400
PG Students                 : Rs.300

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Machine learning is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting fields out there, and deep learning represents its true bleeding edge. This workshop will help to develop a clear understanding of the motivation for deep learning, and design intelligent systems that learn from complex and/or large-scale datasets. Workshop demonstrates how to train and optimize basic neural networks, Convolutional neural networks, and long short term memory networks. Complete learning systems to solve new classes of problems that were once thought prohibitively challenging, and come to better appreciate the complex nature of human intelligence as you solve these same problems effortlessly using deep learning methods.The indicative pool of topics to be covered HANDS-ON is as follows but is not limited to:

1.         Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
2.         Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
3.         Application of Deep Learning
4.         CNN case studies: Alexnet and VGGnet with python code walkthrough
5.         Visualization
6.         Applications of CNN
a.         Style transfer
b.         Semantic Segmentation
c.         Generative Adversarial networks

Who Can Participate?

Faculty members, research scholars, PG students from Engineering Colleges and Industry professionals.

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Provided at reasonable cost

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Contact Details:
Sr.Prof. and Head,
Department of Information Technology,
Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, (Autonomous)
Virudhunagar District, Sivakasi - 626 005.
Phone: 04562-235376, 9842295563 (Mrs.S.Kavi Priya)

For any clarification about this event, please contact the above mentioned address.

National Workshop on Deep Learning-2017-Mepco Schlenk Engineering College(Autonomous), Sivakasi-Sivakasi-Tamilnadu-India

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