FDP-IOTRIT'17 Three Days Faculty Development Program on Internet of Things (IoT) for Industrial Applications, December 2017, Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

College/University/Organization Name: Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology
Organizing Department:
Event Date: 12/07/2017 -- 12/09/2017    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Last Date: 11/30/2017    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Address: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Registration Fee:

Registration Fee: Rs. 2,500/- per Participant (Includes refreshment, lunch,  take away hardware kit, train-ing materials and certificate)

Hardware kit includes Node MCU ESP8266, sensors, motors, drivers and other accessories.
College/University/Organization Website: http://www.ritchennai.org/

Event Website / Brochure link: https://sites.google.com/view/iotrit/fdp-on-iot

Email Address: coeiotrit@gmail.com

About Event:

This Faculty development program focus on training the participants to use the development boards for the implementation of IoT based industrial automation applications.

Course Content Day 1:
Introduction & Getting Started with Arduino 

Session 1:   Introduction to Embedded System Embedded Systems in IoT  ESP8266, Node MCU Node MCU Configuration

Session 2:  Working with digital pins, Interfacing and configuration of LED, Buzzer and switches Working with analog pins, Configuring ADC, potentiometers, serial communication, I2C interface for display

Course Content Day 2: 
Node MCU, Sensor, Actuator and Communication module interfacing 

Session 1: Node MCU Configuration Sensors and actuators interfacing , Moisture, Light, Flame, Temperature & Hu-midity, IR, PIR, Gas, Piezo Vibration, and Sound sensors, 3 axis accelerometer  Actuators, GPS/GSM  interfacing  with Node MCU. Web server using Node MCU, HTML basics, HTTP protocol concepts, Configuring Node MCU as local web server , Server / Client model configuration, Analyzing sensor data and controlling actuators using HTTP protocol remotely .

Session 2: Cloud interfacing with Node MCU  Used cases - Social media - SMS, Telegram, email, twitter using cloud services

Course Content Day 3:
Session 1:  Implementation of their innovative ideas 
Session 2:  Demonstration of their Project to the Juries

Who Can Participate?

Academicians and Faculty members across India. 

Accommodation Details:

Free accommodation will be provided to outstation participants on request (Restricted to 30 on first come first serve basis)

Other Details:

Contact Details:
The Coordinators,
Three Days FDP on IoT for Industrial Applications,
Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology,
e-mail ID : coeiotrit@gmail.com
Mobile     : +91-7010971881, 9789982701

For any clarification about this event, please contact the above mentioned address.

Three Days  Faculty Development Program  on Internet of Things (IoT) for Industrial Applications-2017-Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology-Chennai-Tamilnadu-India

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