ONE DAY WORKSHOP ON POWDER METALLURGY, March 2018, Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

College/University/Organization Name: Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering
Organizing Department: Mechanical Engineering
Event Date: 03/15/2018 -- 03/15/2018    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Last Date: 03/14/2018    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Address: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
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The intrinsic qualities of powder metallurgy are expanding the application beyond the conventional automotive market. Future growth in the market is forecast to come from new emerging applications in aerospace, construction and mechanical engineering. The rapid rate of advancements in the electronic and computer components is likely to generate demand growth for aluminum, magnesium and copper-based powder metals. Additionally, increased investment in renewable energy and the resulting increase in production of solar panels and wind turbines offers lucrative growth potential for Power Metallurgy. Although currently in the experimental phase, nanoceramic powders are expected to play a significant role in future Powder Metallurgy applications. Despite Powder Metallurgy technology has been confined to metal powders, the future is expected to witness increased use of compounds formed using non-metallic elements.

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Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering , Muthapudupet, Avadi-IAF
Cell- +91 8680808152

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ONE DAY WORKSHOP ON POWDER METALLURGY-2018-Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering-Chennai-Tamilnadu-India

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ONE DAY WORKSHOP ON POWDER METALLURGY-Chennai-2018-Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering-tamilnadu