DaVinci Koodittaa 2018 State Level Coding and App Development Hackathon, March 2018, Ramco Institute of Technology, Rajapalayam, Tamilnadu, India

College/University/Organization Name: Ramco Institute of Technology
Organizing Department: Department of CSE
Event Date: 03/23/2018 -- 03/23/2018    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Last Date: 03/23/2018    (MM/DD/YYYY)
Address: Rajapalayam, Tamilnadu, India
Registration Fee:


College/University/Organization Website: http://www.ritrjpm.ac.in

Event Website / Brochure link: http://www.ritrjpm.ac.in/dk2018

Email Address: dk2018@ritrjpm.ac.in

About Event:

"DaVinci Koodittaa" - A State Level Coding and App Development Hackathon organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ramco Institute of Technology on 23 March 2018. 

This Event is primarily for the Students those who are pursing B.E./B.Tech/MCA in Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu. This Coding contest Titled "DaVinci Koodittaa" means Coder like Davinici. This Event helps the students to explore their coding and Mobile Application development skills. This contest is organized as a State level contest, students from all around Tamilnadu are expected to participate. This event has two sessions. The first Session coding contest has three rounds which tests the coding skills of the participants in three different levels viz. Beginner, Intermediate, Expert. This session will be conducted in online through standard coding platforms like Hacker earth, Hacker hunt etc. The participant is expected to solve the problems in the given time with an optimized code. The Second session is the Mobile Application Development contest, which involves the student participants to develop a Mobile Application for any platform as per their wish. The mobile application is expected to have a decent theme with social impact, novelty, innovation and can run with minimal memory requirements.

Who Can Participate?

This Event is primarily for the Students those who are pursing B.E./B.Tech/MCA in Engineering Colleges in Tamilnadu.

Accommodation Details:

Not required one day event

Other Details:

Contact Details:
Mr.R.Balaji Ganesh, AP(SG)/CSE, 8220037222
Mr.R.Venatesh, AP(SG)/CSE, 9942348379
Mrs.M.Swarna Sudha, AP(SG)/CSE, 9787761230
Tel.No:04563 233412
A.P.Nithin Jerish,III year
S.Srikanth,III year
M.Gokul Raja,III year
R.Dhanus Karthikeyan,II year

For any clarification about this event, please contact the above mentioned address.

State Level Coding and App Development Hackathon-2018-Ramco Institute of Technology-Rajapalayam-Tamilnadu-India

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